Event Rentals

Card BoxesFlat Rate
Dark Walnut open concept (14X4X4)$15.00
White open concept with blue lettering (12x5x5.5)$15.00
White open concept with pink lettering (12x5x5.5)$15.00
Dark Walnut closed concept- Medium (14x9.25x8)$20.00
White closed concept- Medium (14X9.25X8)$20.00
Beverage ServiceFlat Rate
125 Quart Igloo party cooler$20.00
100 cup brushed aluminum finish coffee urn$20.00
55 cup stainless steel coffee urn$15.00
3-gallon glass beverage dispenser$20.00
5-gallon glass beverage dispenser$25.00
1.75-gallon glass beverage dispenser$15.00
50-ounce stainless steel thermal beverage server$2.50
96-ounce stainless steel water pitcher$3.00
1.9-liter white beverage server$5.00
1.5-gallon crystal punch bowl with ladle and 8 cups$20.00
3-gallon glass punch bowl $20.00
Large double wall stainless steel beverage tub (20x20x11.5)$20.00
Small double wall stainless steel beverage tub (17x17x9.4)$15.00
16-gallon steel beverage tub for outside use (31.75x16.5x10)$15.00
12” sliver punch ladle$2.50
Black portable bar- compact 40”W x 50” Tall x 24” D, ice bucket, speed rail$50.00
Black portable bar- standard 62.5”W x 49” Tall x 35” D, 2 ice buckets, speed rail$75.00
Candy Bar Buffet dishesFlat Rate
LOVE ceramic white candy dish$10.00
MR & MRS white ceramic candy dish$10.00
5 piece candy buffet jars (vase- 7X4.5, tall cylinder- 7x3.5, round- 3.75x3.5) $15.00
Round glass bowl (9.75x3.75)$2.50
Burgundy heart shape ceramic bowls (7.3x7.2x2.2)$2.50
12 mini plastic scoops$3.00/set
2 metal tongs$1.00/set
Slanted vase (5.75W x 6L)$1.50
Circle (4.5D x 4.25L)$1.50
CenterpiecesFlat Rate
Circle bowl with lip (5.5D x 6.5H)$2.50
Bala egg shaped vase (3.75D x 10H)$3.00
Fish bowl (6.5D x 8H)$2.00
Milk glass bottle without lid (1.5D x 6H)$1.25
Rectangle vase (3Dx 4W x 7H)$2.00
Rectangle vase (4D x 14L)$3.00
Square vase with lip (4.5 x 4.5)$2.00
Circle vase (5D x 4.5H) (5 x 5)$2.00
Hana vase (4D x 8H)$2.50
Milk bottle glass bottle with lids (2D x 5.5H)$1.00
Cylinder vases
6D x 16H$3.50
3.25D x 7H$2.00
3.25D x 9.25H$2.50
3.25D x 10.5H$3.00
4D x 9H (curved top)$2.50
10-12” wood cookie chips$3.00
8” bubble vase (6D top x 8D middle x 6H)$2.50
4.5” bubble vase (3.25D top x 4.5D middle x 4H)$1.50
Mirrors: Circle
Mirror: Square
Small black lantern (3D top x 2.25D bottom x 3.75H)$1.25
Large white jeweled hexagon lanterns$4.00
Small white jeweled hexagon lanterns$2.00
AccessoriesFlat Rate
Chalkboard table frame on post (total length 12”)$1.00
4 X 3 oval chalkboard label for beverage dispenser$1.00
5 x 3 chalkboard sign for beverage dispenser$1.50
42 x 18 marker board sign$15.00
Display/food riser: 3-piece wood riser with chalk board$15.00
Display/food riser: 5 piece wrought iron riser $20.00
24 X 18 easel sign (Gray with white saying)$10.00
24 X 18 easel sign (brown with white saying)$10.00
24 x 18 Chalkboard sign (with saying)$10.00
White xoxo wooden sign (17 x 5)$2.00
White Love wooden sign (18 x 8)$2.00
LOVE wooden/gold sign (16 length x 3.75W x 5 tall)$3.00
Table NumbersFlat Rate
Wooden $2.50/each
Black wooden numbers: 1-30
White wooden numbers: 1-30
Silver wooden numbers: 1-30
5” tall and 2.5 at base
5X7 Laminated number cards $1.00/each
Burlap background with black print
White background with black print
White background with silver print
White background with gold print
White background with rose gold print
Table number holders
Large gold mini easel$0.50
Large silver mini easel$0.50
Medium black mini easel$0.50
Silver 2 3/8- coil holder$0.75
Silver 2.25 holder$0.75
Serving Trays/BowlsFlat Rate
Wrought iron holder with 2 porcelain square bowls Bowl size 4.5” x 4.5”$5.00
Wrought iron holder with 1 porcelain square bowl Bowl size 4.5” x 4.5”$5.00
Glass/metal 2 tiered serving tray $15.00
White porcelain square bowl (4.5 x 4.5) $2.00
Wrought iron 2 tier serving tray with rectangle plates (16 x 6) $6.00
Wrought iron 2 tier serving tray with rectangle plates (14 x 6.75)$6.00
White porcelain square plate (15” x 15”)$5.00
White porcelain square plate (7.25” x 7.25”)$3.00
White porcelain square plate (10” x 10”)$4.00
White 16” x 16” Melamine square plate$3.50
White 16” x 16” Melamine concave square plate$3.50
Walnut colored 18” x 8” rectangular platter$3.50
Walnut colored 21” x 13” rectangular platter$4.00
White porcelain large footed cake plate 14”$15.00
Metal galvanized tray (13.5 x 13.5)$5.00/set
Galvanized metal cupcake stand (16inch)$5.00
Galvanized metal 15” long pedestal tray$5.00
3-piece wood/metal circular tiered cake/cupcake stand$20.00
Large- 13.75D X 7.5L
Medium- 11.75D X 6L
Small- 9.75D X 4.5L